To choose your female dancer for your show.
Click on "Female dancers". There you can go through
and see our female dancers to choose from.
We ask you to choose your favorites. When booking,
we will let you know out of your choices who is
already pre-booked and who is available.

To choose your male dancer for your show.
Click on "Male Dancers". There you can go through
and see all our male dancers to choose from. We ask
that you choose of your favorites. When booking we
will let you know out of your choices who is already
pre-booked and who is available.

To choose the dancers for a 2-Girl of 3-Girl Show.

Click on "2-Girl show". There you can see all our
female dancers. It is best to choose at least 3 to 4
female dancers. When booking we will let you
know of your choices of who is already
pre-booked and who is available.

We always book last minute shows. There is no
guarantee that the dancer you choose, as your number
one pick will be available for last minute bookings.
If your first choice is not available, we will let you
know who is available. There is no guarantee
of any last minute entertainers or entertainment.
This is due to customers pre-booking in advance.
We here at HERO Models value all our customers.
We will do our best to accommodate you.

"Under 7 days please call 1 - 855 - 437 - 6872"

This is the quickest and best way to book your show.
You can email us show info, questions, and comments.
We suggest you email your info at least a week before your show.
You can email us all your information, time, date, city

and dancer choices. Your booking will not be complete
until you have spoken and confirmed your booking
with an live agent. Email us at:

Party Information

It is Law that everyone who attends any event
involving adult "Exotic Entertainment" must
18 years of age or older. We ask that the person who
books the show assist us to enforce this. If a performer
feels that any individual looks too young. They have
the right to ask that individual to present proper
valid I.D. If the individual or individuals cannot
present proper valid
I.D. they will be asked to leave or the

performer will leave.

If you choose to celebrate your event in one of the
following listed above locations. We ask that you ask
the permission of either the Owners of Managers.
Any entertainment to be performed in an
"Open Bar or Restaurant" can only be executed if
the "Bar Owner and/or Manager" are going to close the
restaurant to the public. Exotic Dancing may be
performed in an "Bar and/or Restaurant" as long as
there is a "Closed Private Room"
away from any and all public viewing.

When you booked your show, you book a time frame
for the dancers to arrive at your show. When the
dancers arrive both either Male & Female dancers
will be ready to set up for their show and/or
will start immediately when they arrive.
We ask that you have all your guests on time,
so that they don't delay your show.
Our dancers have a schedule to keep, they will not
be able to wait. If this should happen,
this could make your show time shorter than what you
originally booked, or result in your party being cancelled.

Not all entertainers allow either picture

& video or both to be taken during their performance.
When you call to book your show, and you want to

take pictures and
video of your entertainers ask the agent or

entertainer before hand.

HERO Models offers professional entertainers.
Our dancers work hard to entertain you and your guests.
Tipping your dancer really does make your party
much more fun, and the dancers have been
known to stay a lot longer and put on a
better performance "As long as the tips are Coming".
The dancers will stay, if you are tipping at
no additional cost to you (this means that another
show fee will not be collected when going into the next hour).

HERO Models provides our customers with great
customer service and professional dancers that
offer Fine Exotic Entertainment. Once our
dancers arrive at your show that they are a guest.
The person who booked the show and/or
(the owner or management of residence
of show location) is responsible for the conduct
of there guests. At any time that our entertainers
feel threatened or harassed, by crowd miss conduct
for both Male & Female audiences.
Our Entertainers have the right to leave at there
discretion and there will be NO REFUNDS
on any show fees or monies earned.

All shows that have been pre-booked with credit card,
and they are cancelled will not be
refunded the total booking fee.
All shows cancelled the same day of the show or prior
to entertainers arriving to show time are
subject to be charged 100% of the total
price of the booking price of show.
All shows booked same day and cancelled
same day will be charged the full total booking fee,
with no refunds. Credit Card users
(by submitting your Credit Card information for
payment of services, signifies you except
and understand the terms outlined above).
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